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Time to ring in the New Year by celebrating the old Alberta Otoole Stop Harper shirt . 2019 was a wildly creative year for our artist community. We saw tons of new work—fun, weird, bizarre, mind-blowing art. Whether it made us think or laugh, the art created by the Threadless community in 2019 is memorable (so memorable, you’ll want to grab them on tees to wear in the New Year and beyond). Get the best designs of 2019 on your favorite zip-up hoodie or comfy regular t-shirt, and sing auld lang syne at the top of your lungs.

Alberta Otoole Stop Harper shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Alberta Otoole Stop Harper Shirt Classic Women'S T-Shirt
Classic Women’S
Alberta Otoole Stop Harper Shirt Long Sleeved T-Shirt
Long Sleeved
Alberta Otoole Stop Harper Shirt Unisex Sweatshirt
Unisex Sweatshirt
Alberta Otoole Stop Harper Shirt Unisex Hoodie
Unisex Hoodie
Alberta Otoole Stop Harper shirt Classic Men's T-shirt
Classic Men’S
Ride the wave of high tea with this design mash-up Alberta Otoole Stop Harper shirt . Art history lovers will recognize the nod to the classic Japanese woodblock print from the late Edo period and tea drinkers will recognize their favorite beverage turned into a natural disaster in a porcelain cup. Something for everyone. Blast off into deep space, which, turns out, has similar inhabitants to the ocean’s depths. For everyone out there who nerds out about space or can’t get enough marine biology, this design has you covered. Science lovers, molecular geeks, and dad joke fans, this design’s got you in mind. It’s punny and sweet with a little hint of crazy. Get it on tee and wear it to your local science fair or trivia night at the bar. Technology got you all fired up? Well, imagine how it feels for robots, every time they try to authenticate their existence online. Grab this design for the irony of it or gift it to your favorite IT person at work. They’ll understand. Another, way more 80s, take on the classic Japanese woodblock print, this design blends surfer culture with Japanese influences. Cruise the boardwalk, catch the wave, and ride into the sunset. Did you have an origami phase? Where you bought stacks of the beautiful, shiny, colorful paper squares and folded them over and over in an attempt to make the shapes look like something recognizable? Well here you go. A perfectly formed, totally recognizable rhino in origami form.
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2 reviews for Alberta Otoole Stop Harper shirt

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    Roberta Kneisel

    Good quality tees, accurately sized. Print quality is not 100% perfect, but still good. Fair delivery time too.

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    Virginia Patton

    He ain’t heavy but he’s my summer shirt …
    Yes it’s true. These are not “heavy” but they are Cotton. They are well made. They are less than $6 each and they will work for summer wear.
    Buy up a size and shrink to your actual size.
    Good cheap Tees.

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