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For the HD ink Birdwatching goes both ways shirt . You’ll need a higher thickness micron level on your screen, which could range from 250 – 400-microns. The thicker the screen micron is, the more deposit of ink you’re going to get through the screen. The process for printing with high density ink is similar to screen printing with regular plastisol, except the layers will need to flash at a slightly higher temperature – 450 degrees F for 6 seconds. Also, keep in mind that once all the ink is applied and it’s put in the dryer, the dryer temperature should be higher as well, between 380 – 400 degrees F, to ensure you get the dimension you’re looking for. At Eagle, we showcased this effect on our Women’s Cropped Fleece Hoodie. Get more details in our video!

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Birdwatching Goes Both Ways Shirt Classic Women'S T-Shirt
Classic Women’S
Birdwatching Goes Both Ways Shirt Long Sleeved T-Shirt
Long Sleeved
Birdwatching Goes Both Ways Shirt Unisex Sweatshirt
Unisex Sweatshirt
Birdwatching Goes Both Ways Shirt Unisex Hoodie
Unisex Hoodie
Birdwatching goes both ways shirt Classic Men's T-shirt
Classic Men’S

The final techniques we were able to see in action at Eagle were actual embroidery and faux chenille Birdwatching goes both ways shirt . Faux chenille is an incredibly complex screen print done with different types of ink to get a mimicked embroidery look. To get the unique faux chenille treatment on our Men’s Jersey Short Sleeve Hoodie, Eagle used a mixed process, involving bases and additives, such as puff and suede puff to create that faux embroidered look. Puff is a standalone ink as a base, which has a spongy feel and rises under heat. Suede puff is a mixture of puff and other additives. It is softer than puff, but has minimal lift. For our design, there were only five colors, but they used 10 screens to add in all the speciality effects to create one cohesive look. As for real embroidery, the key is make sure the artwork is detailed. The embroidery machine at Eagle is all digitized, so once the artwork is uploaded, it’s told exactly what kind of stitches to put where. See how the two techniques compare in our video below!

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3 reviews for Birdwatching goes both ways shirt

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    Larry Goins

    Kingteeshops is Best Buy for 100% cotton t-shirts!
    Kingteeshops is the best buy brand of 100% cotton work shirts we have found. Easy care, holds shape, quality construction, minimal shrinkage. Nice colors that don’t fade. Bonus is that cotton doesn’t get that horrible smell you find in polyester.

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    Linda Clark

    Lovely t shirt great service, and my husband loves it!

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    Worthy replacement
    It was slightly smaller, but then I’m slightly bigger now after Thanksgiving. The color is an exact match to my old ones of large size, from 1979. It helped my new/old fatigues look perfect.

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