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What made Buf 17 To victory and beyond shirt . Bowie so brilliant was his willingness to try things and there were some shockingly bad clothes hairstyles and music choices (most notably that video with Mick Jagger, what was that about?). If it were anyone else, he would have been lampooned by the public, but no matter how obscure he got, he was always the barometer of cool, and when Bowie spoke, people listened.

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Buf 17 To Victory And Beyond Shirt Classic Women'S T-Shirt
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Buf 17 To Victory And Beyond Shirt Long Sleeved T-Shirt
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Buf 17 To Victory And Beyond Shirt Unisex Sweatshirt
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Buf 17 To Victory And Beyond Shirt Unisex Hoodie
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Buf 17 To victory and beyond shirt Classic Men's T-shirt
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On this special day of days, we celebrate Bowie’s Birthday Buf 17 To victory and beyond shirt . The lads at The Grand Social decided to honour the legend by organising a festival in his name. Naturally, no festival would be complete without a range of t-shirts and The T-Shirt Company, as always, were at hand to help out. Check out these snazzy tees we printed for the festival. Go along and get yourself one, be sure to tell them we sent ya. This year will be the inaugural Bowie Festival in Dublin and is sure to be a solid fixture on the Dublin event calendar for years to come. There’s a Bowie quiz, a Bowie-oke – which, I believe, is karaoke with a ban on all music not Bowie. Then, presenting the piéce de résistance, Rebel Rebel, an outstanding tribute band to Bowie that actually does his music justice. Trust me, if you haven’t seen Bowie live, this is the closest thing you may get. Not many rock legends have lived long enough to see their own festival, most perished by way of the the rock and roll lifestyle. Bowie lived the life but managed to survive which makes him even cooler. So if you’re a Bowie fan, put your New Year’s ch….ch….ch… changes on the long finger and get down to the Bowie festival to pay homage to our hero, David Bowie. Did I say we love Bowie???
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3 reviews for Buf 17 To victory and beyond shirt

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    marcel findlay

    Nice thick shirt
    So I am someone who likes thicker t shirts and they seem to be harder and harder to find in stores since most shirts are becoming increasingly thin. These shirts are the perfect thickness! Thick enough to feel comfortable but not too thick to be stiff or hot. Highly recommend these!

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    Patrick Kremer

    Size seems the same as the old one I bought a few years ago, fits the same, though the tag is different. Fabric seems a little thinner, but not by much- I might not have noticed if I wasn’t looking for it. Black one says 100% cotton on the tag.

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    julie wypyszynski

    Love the green T! Looks great and fits perfectly!
    A good , more heavy duty, T shirt. It’s fit great and the neck especially doesn’t get pulled out looking. It’s comfortable with kind of a stretch to it. You can easily just wear it with jeans and it looks like good quality.

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