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Nowadays, the polo shirt feels ubiquitous Ive Got Style shirt . Found on everyone from your local delivery man to city boys heading for a round of gold. Thanks to its functional design, which marries the smartness of a collared shirt with breathable, crease-free fabric, it has been adopted by all modes of dresser. The history of the polo shirt speaks to its hybridity, having first been conceived of in its current form by the tennis player Rene Lacoste.

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Lacoste was looking for something he could play in that was less restrictive than the stiff cotton dress shirts of the day, while still adhering to uniform regulations Ive Got Style shirt . He ended up producing his own line of shirts, made using a loosely-knitted un-starched pique cotton. He also lengthened the shirt tail at the back, and made the collar heavier so that it wouldn’t flap around, and could be turned up to protect the neck. The design was an instant success, adopted across other sports and then absorbed into mainstream fashion – with contemporary brands like Fred Perry or Ralph Lauren being known for their iconic embroidered designs. (Head here to learn more about the basics of embroidery and screen printing.) It’s no surprise then that a number of brands and businesses have become well-known for their personalised polo shirts. Here are some examples, from fashion influencers to corporate leaders, of great custom polo shirts. As high-fashion brands like Vetements have shone a spotlight on the durable, recognisable uniforms of companies like UPS and DHL, consumers have discovered an appreciation for their simple style. The UPS shield, embroidered in gold on their polos, is the cornerstone of their brand identity. Lacoste is the gold standard when it comes to polo shirts, and their embroidered crocodile is the brand’s signature emblem. Founder Rene Lacoste was apparently nicknamed the crocodile by fans for his snappy playing style, and so the creature became his symbol.
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    Great quality
    The color is true and as expected. After washing the shirts it shrank just a little bit since it is cotton but otherwise the fit was good. The quality of the shirt was good and felt very soft. I could be in it all day.

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    Randy Henton

    support good customers

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