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There’s a certain je ne sais quoi to the embroidered jacket Yoda Best Dad Ever Love You I Do T-Shirt . A garment which seems never to go out of style, its beginnings are said to lie with an American serviceman stationed in Japan during WWII. On the hunt for a special memento, he took his regulation bomber to a local tailor, asking them to embellish it with some traditional embroidery. They obliged and, voila, the “souvenir jacket” was born.

Yoda Best Dad Ever Love You I Do T-Shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

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It’s impossible to say whether this origin story is simply a fabrication, but either way it tells us something: how the enduring popularity of embroidered jackets lies in the clash of the everyday with the artisan, the breezy shape and style of a casual jacket disrupted by the associations of luxury and craftsmanship imbued by embroidery Yoda Best Dad Ever Love You I Do T-Shirt . Here are some of the brands putting their own interesting spin on the classic garment. Kenzo are known for their heavily embellished clothing, with recurring motifs that frequently feature richly coloured tigers, leaves and flowers in the vein of a traditional souvenir jacket. For this shell jacket however, they have opted for something simpler. A light shape modeled on a classic parka, this piece features simple white embroidery on the back, tracing the outline of graffiti style lettering. Under the creative direction of Alessandro Michele, Gucci has leaned even more heavily into the outre Italian style the brand is known for. Michele draws his inspiration from a dizzying pool of influences, and that means his pieces often feel like an explosion of references. Embroidery has been a key feature for the past few seasons, and this decadent denim jacket exemplifies the new Gucci sensibility.Neatly embroidered logos are often found on t shirts or jackets, but a recent trend has been taking that small detail and blowing it up for maximum effect. Rather than sitting across the breast as a small nod to the label, the embroidery on this Balenciaga jacket is scaled up and expanded across shoulders, making a very bold statement.
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